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What do you think of the handling of Monica’s Alcoholism Story?

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Back before the writer’s strike occurred fans of General Hospital were eagerly anticipating the storyline of Monica Quatermaine’s battle with alcoholism. As we were told, the story originally was supposed be centered on Monica’s battle with the bottle due to Emily’s death. I for one looked forward to seeing more of the Quatermaine family, imagined scenes of Monica at Alan and Emily’s graves grieving over their deaths, her hiding bottles in her bedroom or in her purse, asking Bobbie to go to happy hour one too many times at the Metro Court or Jake’s and even an intervention between the Quatermaines, Bobbie and Monica. What we did see was Monica drinking out her water bottle, sipping on her flask here and there at the hospital, then finding out she hit Sam on the bad weather night, spoke to Jason who figured out she hit Sam and bam! She’s in rehab! Besides the aforementioned wishful thinking scenes I mentioned, Edward, Tracey, Bobbie or even Nicholas has visited Monica in rehab! Why? The writers plain and simply time after time for whatever reason are of the believe that all we want to see is the mob 24/7! If one were to take all of the scenes of Monica’s alcoholism story put them on a DVD, I am not sure if would fill the disc up in 60 minutes, although it may if it were done like an infomercial and had commentary from the Quatermaine’s and some other hospital staff members.


What do you think of how this story has been handled?

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