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All My Children: Jesse Mc Cartney's New Single Available For Download; CD Drops May 20th!

I know I have already blogged about this once, but with his CD's drop date fast approaching I feel the need to remind you guys again to run not walk and pick up former All My Children teen dream Jesse Mc Cartney's new CD Departure on May 20.

The single "Leavin", available for download at iTunes, is off the chain! The track is a sultry, melodic offering that proves Mc Cartney (ex-JR) is as talented a singer as he is an actor. I always knew Jesse could carry a tune, but who knew he had soul???

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His  sound is very similar to the hottest R&B acts around, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. I predict big things for Jesse’s future. He has graduated from boyband-style bubblegum, to grown folk's music.You heard, er read it here first,  if you like good, old -fashioned get-alone-with-your-girl-or-guy-and-get-busy-style R&B, check Jesse out!