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Days of Our Lives: Set Sources Say Darin Brooks Staying Put


Good news Max and Stephanie fans, it looks like Darin Brooks, who plays one-half of the kissing kin couple, has re-signed his contract according to I am glad to see Brooks stick around, he's a great younger actor and plays a likeable character, but Days really needs to end his pairing with Stephanie ASAP. 

I am sorry but it is beyond skeevy for Max to be dating Patch and Kayla's daughter. They were like surrogate parents to Max and Frankie early on and Kayla's parents became their parents. 

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The whole "they didn't grow up together" angle doesn't lessen the yuck factor and neither does all the awkward dialogue where Stephanie refers to the late Grandpa Shawn as "your dad" instead of say..."grandpa", or Max refers to his sister Kayla as "your mom". Why on Earth would Kayla's little brother have to tell her daughter, "I'm sorry that your mom is missing"? In the same vein, how silly was it for Steph to be saying to Max, "I'm sorry your dad died"? It's asinine and insulting. Especially when the rest of Days is on fire these days. So hopefully since the talented Brooks has re-upped they can find Max a leading lady who isn't related to him.