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Daytime Confidential #231: CBS & DAYS Vodka By The Pint

On today's CBS and DAYS edition of Daytime Confidential Mike, Jamey and Luke discuss the comments made by Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer about the state of the show and not using her. We discuss Jamey's "10 Reasons To Tune Into Guiding Light."


Over on Young and Restless Gloria is giving back but do you think that makes Mike and Jamey happy? Tune in to find out. We discuss Kathy Hilton's guest appearance and Victoria Rowell's retake.

As the World Turns'
threw one of the best weddings in memory and we're discussing it along with Martha Bryne's leaving and Mike's Return.

We take a moment to remember the best bitch in daytime and Jamey suggests that Bridget Forrester needs to use to find a lover on Bold & Beautiful.

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Mike is wondering what exactly it is that Jamey and Luke like about Nicole and we discuss the casting of Joe Penny as Ava's father on Days of Our Lives.

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