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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.25.08


Here's the Scoop!

Jason and Elizabeth... I mentioned that the Liason Reunion was pushed back and RUMORS of a wedding to happen in May are also looking to be delayed.  I am still hearing the couple agrees to meet in secret once they are reunited.  It should be the second or third week of May. 

Lucky and Sam fans... still not seeing much for this fan favorite.  Lucky provides some comfort to Elizabeth in regards to her break-up with Jason.  Sam is RUMORED to witness this and get frustrated with Lucky.  I am seeing some reports of a LuSam scene soon. 

Who is spending a lot of time together onscreen?  Jason and Claudia!  They'll be holed up in that cabin and the gunman ZaCrazy sent after them is zeroing in.  Jason kills him and the pair have to dump the shooter's body.  SPOILERS say the gunman will be resting at the bottom of the lake.  Claudia takes the stand at Anthony's trial and lies.  Was her lie of her own free will?  Jason gets mad that Claudia lied on the stand and helped in getting her father released.  She'll go to see him and after their time trapped together, Claudia thinks maybe she and Jason could be together, they have the same messed up life.  RUMORS say Claudia plants one on Jason who pushes the mafia princess away.  Don't forget, Claudia finds out about Elizabeth and Jake.  According to SPOILERS, Claudia keeps the info to herself but that doesn't stop her from having a little fun, Claudia Zacchara style.  There is talk of an understanding of sorts between Jason and Claudia.  Jason makes sure that Claudia understands, he will kill the people responsible for shooting Michael.  Besides daddy, is someone else coming after Claudia Zacchara?

Jason and Spinelli are on the chase.  They'll try to catch Dr. Devlin before he makes it out of Port Charles. 

The Scrubs Proposal... its not a get down on your knee and profess your undying love type of proposal.  It's more of a "we should get married" type of proposal and Robin says no. 

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Johnny's going after a self destructive Sonny.  He thinks Sonny has Claudia.  Lulu once again is RUMORED to see crazy Johnny.


There's RUMORS of a fight over Anthony.  Ric is SPOILED to realize it was a mistake getting ZaCrazy released.  

Jerry and Alexis... still seeing they're happening.  Jerry's business dealings will continue to cause trouble in his relationship with Alexis and his brother.  Speaking of Jerry, I have seen one SPOILER over and over again.  Apparently we have not seen the last of Mr. Craig. 

All these secrets!  Kate's is supposed to come out.  We still don't know what Ric is holding over Logan's head.  Claudia is defintely hiding something about her dear old dad and Trevor may have some dirt about Johnny. 


Tracey is worried about Luke and his new partners.  Old RUMORS had Luke involved in the mob war and I am seeing those once again. 

Again, I am seeing online rumblings that Ingo Rademacher is not going to re-sign his contract.  He's becoming a dad soon and there are some RUMORS of his plans to relocate to his home in Hawaii.