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Ugly Betty Bumps Rebecca Romijn For Season Three


Don't expect to see much of Rebecca Romijn's transsexual heroine Alexis Meade when Ugly Betty comes back in the fall. According to TV Guide Canada , in an effort to get the show back to its roots, some characters, like Romijn's, are being shown the door or bumped to recurring. Romijn will be on recurring status next season. Critics of the show have contended that the ABC hit has "lost it's heart" and needs to get back to the original premise of Betty as a fish-out-of-water. I guess I hadn't noticed. I have loved every second of Ugly Betty (okay the deportation storyline was a bit out there, but it's a telenovela come on!). I hate to see Romijn go; her Alexis was at varying times tragic, comedic and blood thursty, all in one statuesque frame. Hey, maybe Romijn can land a gig on  ER opposite her ex-hubby John Stamos (ex-Blackie Parrish, General Hospital)?

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