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All My Children: Aidan Devane In Mission Impossible


A Cambias scorned. Sott-spoken private eye Aidan Devane (Aiden Turner) better be ready for some gnarly office politics when he goes to work at Cambias next week on All My Children. Spoilers indicate Aidan will be shocked to learn his first assignment has him headed off to the war-torn Sudan to rescue a mystery hostage. What, he doesn't read Daytime

Aidan is hand picked for this risky assignment by Zach (Thorsten Kaye) who is secretly fuming over Devane's coital comfort of Zach's wife Kendall (Alicia Minshew), while Zach and Aidan's lady love Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) were missing in action. Geesh, couldn't he have just taken the guy on Springer and confronted him?

As previously spoiled, this storyline is to facilitate the introduction of Ricky Paull Goldin to the AMC canvas as Dr. Joey "Jake" Martin. How much are you willing to bet that Jake will pay Aidan back by bedding his girl Greenlee sometime in the near future? I'm just glad to see Aiden Turner front and center. I know a lot of soap critics aren't impressed with the actor or his character but I've always thought Aidan would be a great super hero if paired with the right leading lady. Unfortunately the closest thing we've ever had to that was his promising pairing with Sabine Singh's version of Greenlee Smythe. Not that I blame ABC one bit for bringing back Budig, the actress who made the role famous, but her return was bittersweet. Hmmm, perhaps Anna's nephew could spin off to General Hospital and that show could bring Sabine on as Liz's older sister Sarah? Just a teeny bit of Wishful Casting.

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