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Days of Our Lives: Abe and Lexie Get Shrinked


One of Days of Our Lives longest married couples Abe and Lexie Carver are taking a decidely realistic step for soaps-especially Days-by opting to go into couples therapy. Kudos to Days scribe Dena Higley for dusting off the talented James Reynold and Renee Jones and giving them something to do besides play BFF to everyone else in Salem.

While I am loving Tamara Braun as the fantastically-kookie Ava, Days fans know the show really didn't have to look outside itself to find a perfectly suitable bad girl. Lexie's turn to her DiMera darkside a few year's back was one of the best storylines in recent Days history.

After years of having been a boring talk-to, Jones ignted the screeen as Lexie schemed and connived to keep her precious Isaac away from his bio parents Bo and Hope, who happened to be her best friends. Lexie's stunts would have even impressed her adopted sister Kristen Blake. And then there was her classic rivalry with Sami. Let's hope this therapy storyline will bring some of the pop and sizzle back into Abe and Lexie's storyline. It wouldn't hurt to bring back Mama Celeste either. Tanya Boyd and James Reynolds oozed with chemistry when Celeste helped Abe, make that Abraham, care for Theo while Lex was missing in action. How about a putting this talented trio into a  triangle?

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