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Days of Our Lives Flashback: The Patchman

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One of my favourite characters from Days back in the late 80's was Dr. Marcus Hunter, a plastic surgeon from Salem University. He flirted with Gail Carson, who pretended to be an anaesthesiologist but really turned out to be an undercover ISA agent. The two joined forces together with Kayla to help restore Steve "Patch" Johnson's eye.

Marcus was involved in some terrific stories, one where he went back to Charleston, South Carolina to meet with his Aunt Lizzie. Marcus soon discovered that his parents were killed by Saul Taylor and his partner Jericho when a bomb exploded in the church they attended.

Saul Taylor was deeply involved with a "revival camp" which became the centre of another intriguing story which brought out some new talent to Salem in the form of Faith Taylor, Saul's daughter who Marcus eventually dated.

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Marcus and Steve shared a bond like none other, they both grew up in the same orphanage and became the best of friends. Now, Marcus wanted to repay his friend Steve and help reconstruct his eye so he could wear a glass eye. Not long after Steve "died", Marcus started to have feelings for Kayla, but when Kayla told him she could not return his affection, Marcus left Salem while Kayla commenced a relationship with Shane Donovan.