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Days of our Lives: Posing the question...

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Now don't stone me.  I know we are all sick of the EJami v Lumi 'rape' debate, BUT - after watching Thursday's Days of our Lives episode, I couldn't help but notice something and thought it was worth mentioning.

It seemed to me that Patch's last ditch deal with Ava was not unlike Sami's with EJ back in 2006.  Both involved sleeping with someone in order to save someone else (and in Patch's case, that is plural).  True, there was no gun to Patch's head, but unlike Sami, he had three other people's lives to think about, not to mention his unborn child's and his own.  There is also no question that the fate of Bo, Hope and Kayla was uncertain - as while Ava had consented to keeping them around until after the birth of Kayla's child, she had not decided what to do with them after that.  You can be sure that it probably wouldn't have involved letting them go and living happily ever after.  In Sami's case, she had to consider the fate of Lucas if the fallen beam was not lifted off his legs - when she'd left him to go to the road to flag down a passing motorist, Lucas was already unconscious.

Obviously, Patch did not want to sleep with Ava - he made that abundantly clear to her, when he explained that his heart belonged to Kayla.  But he was willing to do whatever he had to, to ensure the safety of his wife, friends and unborn child.  Bit like Sami.

So - here are my questions.  What do you think of the 'deal'?  Do you think it's similar to EJ's with Sami back in 2006?  Please note, this is a topic about whether the two deal's were similar, not about whether it could be considered, or is/was, 'rape' in both situations.

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