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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 25.08

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I’m a day late posting, so I’ll be brief.

Hated the Sonny/Ric scene and all of Sonny’s attempted manipulations.

Hate the Sonny/Kate conversations part 76.

Hated the Lulu/Johnny conversation and how she asked him to choose her. Yeah, put aside the money, the power, the respect and pick the shrieking little blonde bimbo who’s always changing her mind.

Hated Claudia turning into a simpering bimbo in distress. Granted she’s being shot at by someone hired by her father, but that’s the business she’s in and I would have much more appreciated it if she’d have been in charge in that cabin instead of being all “Jason, what are we going to do”

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Not sure I liked that Anthony told Trevor about Ric’s plan. Ric’s going to be double crossed AGAIN and there’s only so much of that I can take.

I don’t understand what Spixie thought they were going to accomplish by having Mac and Ian at the same place. Just seemed a bit odd.

In a way, I like that Johnny shot at Sonny, because Sonny’s being an idiot about the no guards thing, but at the same time, I didn’t like it because it made Johnny no better than Sonny, in that he assumed incorrectly and went off all half cocked.

I want real Patrick back, because the words “baby mama’s baby mama” would totally not have come out of JT’s mouth.

Line of the day:

Anthony to Trevor: “Whatever you did to piss off your son, it’s coming back to bite you in the asss”