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Would you like to see Skye Chandler back in Pine Valley with Lorenzo Alcazar?

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I am taking a page from Jay by putting out my wishful casting list for AMC.  While we have all seen the rumors around the net that Skye Chandler could be popping back up in Pine Valley with her daughter Lila Rae in tow, how cool would it be to see her help take the reigns over Chandler Enterprises?  This would be a perfect opportunity for her to go at with her little brother JR and the chemistry between Jacob Young and Robin Christopher would be electric! Not in an romantic way, get your minds out of the gutter people!!!! May I remind you of the

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mind our own Luke has from time to time? Back to the subject at hand, Skye coming back could mean her getting into it with Krystal and Babe for the all problems the Carey women have caused her dad and brother plus, it could mean that they could explore a relationship with Tad as well. If it's true that Thorsten Kaye, Melissa Claire Egan and Aiden Turner could be leaving the show, although not confirmed just a RUMOR, I say TPTB go knock on Ms. Christopher's door she might just call Ted King to join her!!!!

Which brings me to another possibility, our boy Alcazar was not seen in Port Chuckles since he faced Jason, who's to say Skye didn't save him and they met up in South America wherein he is the one on the other line with Uncle Rob trying to find Frankie's stuffed elephant? The possibilities are endless if these two show in Pine Valley.

What do you think?