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Happy Mother's Day Soap Moms!!!!

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Mother's Day is May 11th and we all have our own memories of our moms, but nothing can compare to a soap mom. Soap moms struggle to have their children born, sure mom may not know who the daddy is but as a kid who would not want to two dads?

Often times soap moms get caught in gun fire, blackmail, sleep with millionaires so their children can have trust funds, switch babies for various good reasons, such as Kay did to Jill Foster Abbott on Young and the Restless, kill because their kids were picked on, have the nanny raise their kids, raise their kids while on the run, sell them off to foreign countries, but who is perfect?

The lengths a soap mom will go just to keep herr children happy is astonishing!!! A couple of the most memorable soap moms that come to mind are:

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Mona Kane Tyler mother of Erica Kane on All My Children, I wonder if she had a feeling who her daughter would become while changing her diapers? She raised her daughter on a secretary's salary, had an affair with her boss Dr. Charles Tyler who was married to Phoebe and blackmailed her just so her daughter could have a normal life!

Helena Cassadine, mother of all evil of General Hospital. Talk about love, this mother has gone to the ends of the earth for her sons! Mrs. Cassadine froze her eldest Stavros after Luke Spencer supposively killed him, only to bring him back to the living for revenge and to top it off, took her grandson just so she could be sure that he had the Cassadine name.  Just warms one heart doesn't it? In honor of all the soap moms Happy Mother's Day and thanks for all you did!!!!!

Who's your favorite soap mom?