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Days of our Lives 4.28.08: Episode Previews from Denial Island

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G'day Days fans, and welcome to this week's Days of our Lives episode previews from Denial Island.

Well, hallelujah and praise the soap gods, but we're finally out of the Vitali compound.  Didn't that just go on... and on... and on... and on...???  This week I'm hoping for a little less Ava and a little more EJami - and if I can't have more EJami well I'll just sit here and pout... til next week anyway LOL

Immigration Hearings

Just cos I can, I'm going to start with EJami... YAY!  They're preparing for the immigration hearing this week, quizzing each other on what they know about their respective good and bad habits.  Awww, Sami surprises EJ by knowing more about his good habits than he ever expected (and many of us, to be quite honest).  They'll continue to ask the parentals for help in proving their marriage is not a sham, and maybe a few other people (if you haven't read next week's spoilers yet, stay tuned).

The Barren One

Yes, we now have another infertile Days character, Chelsea, and father Bo takes the news pretty hard - once he's reunited with his daughter.  Dr Jonas gives him the prognosis: Chelsea's post-op infection reached her fallopian tubes (never knew Days to get so detailed, but maybe they're going for some realism lately?) and now she will never have children.  Hold up, how often does that get proven incorrect when storyline dictates it sometime in the future??  Yes, I am a cynic (or a long-time watcher :P).  Now I'll move onto something I am not enjoying, the blossoming love affair between Chelsea and her Doctor.  The kisses were just EW last week, even if they were all in Chelsea's fever-induced imagination.  Daniel decides to stop being Chelsea's doctor because he fears some emotional involvement (ya think?) and of course Chelsea wants to know why.  So I know there is massive storyline potential for pairing up these two and in my web surfing I have come across Danch/Chelda/Dansea fans, but I just can't get into it, sorry.  

Get their own sub-heading this week, in honour of not having had one before.  Ever

Abe and Lexie realise they've got marital problems.  I don't know, but I think this may be because they're both playing characters that don't have lives of their own and only live to serve the residents of Salem.  Seriously, Abe is always on duty and Lexie is always at the hospital or making house calls.  So thanks Dena for remembering they actually can have their own storyline!  Back to the show, the couple agree to seek marriage counselling - it's a start Dena, what else you got for the two Chiefs (of Police and of Hospital Staff)?

Stax (aka Meph)

Oh dear.  I know I say this every week, but Stax haters, you really don't want to be watching this week.  Not only does Uncle Max rescue Steph from the Vitali thugs, but after going through the experience of near-death (not really), they waste no time picking up where the left off last week, yes, you guessed it, they make love (aka bumping uglies).


She's not going to have a good week.  Convulsions cause her to be admitted to hospital, and while Daddy Vitali will finally make his appearance onscreen, he's not going to like that Kayla is onto his dastardly plan (to control his daughter)!  The kind-hearted Doctor Johnson gets Ava's pills analyzed and realises they're doing more harm than good; she points the figure straight at Daddy V and makes sure Ava knows about it.

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In Other, Shorter Storylines (but worth mentioning)

  • Bope renew their love for one another (not quite sure why they have to do this, would have thought Payla would be the ones needing to do this, but hey).
  • Chloe gives it to Victor after Nicole tells her the truth about Brady's location, and how Victor has known where is grandson is all along.  Brady is revealed to be hiding out in a Swiss rehab facility, battling a drug addiction, which if you ask me, is as far removed from Brady's character as I've ever heard.  Errr, hope there's more to this Dena, otherwise that's a cop out my friend.  Just cos you can't get the actor back (Kyle Lowder, currently onscreen as Rick Forrester on Bold & Beautful) doesn't mean you have to make a poor excuse for a storyline.
  • More flirting between Morph (Morgan and Philip).
  • Anna and Tony feature in more crazy advertising stuff, now seemingly to regularly involve Kate.  Great - can hardly wait.


  • Stefano.  Sorry, I miss the Phoenix, however I might be willing to give the Daddy Vitali a chance - depends how awesome he is
  • Recurring Status Updates - Celeste? Doug? Julie?  Anyone know?

Coming Up Next Week (May 5 - 9):

  • EJami attend the immigration hearing
  • Daniel and Chelsea get even closer and closer (Brooke covers her eyes >.<)
  • Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla continue to deal with the fallout from PsychoAva
  • Sami and Jawn find the missing disk of John's memories - AND WATCH IT!!!!!

Don't forget, you can join us in the TFO forums to discuss this week's happenings on Days - or just post your thoughts on Days in general.