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Days of Our Lives: Has Chelsea Finally Been Redeemed?


Days of Our Lives seems to be going to great extremes to  fully redeem the character of Chelsea Benson. This week the character learns she is sterile as a result of the infection she developed following her surgery to save her dad Bo's life.

Rachel Melvin said in Soap Opera Digest that her character feels her diagnosis is retribution for what happened with Zack. While I don't really like the theory that an accidental death should necessarily result in sterility for a young woman, I readily admit I loathe this character, not for the accident that killed Zack, but because of how shamefully callous she behaved afterwards.

Seeing Chelsea gripe and moan about having to do community service as Bo and Hope and their families mourned a baby they all loved almost made me turn Days off completely for the first time in 28 or so years and I didn't even consider doing that when Marlena stuffed a donut down Gran's throat. All that being said, Rachel Melvin is one of the show's best actresses and her chemistry with both Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Blake Berris (Nick) can't be denied. What do you think, is sterility finally punishment enough for Zack's death?

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