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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 28

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Where exactly was Devlin going that he was taking a boat?? He’s trying to get out of town in a hurry, but instead of jumping in his car and taking off, or going to the airport, he decides to take a boat. Really? “I need to get out of here, why don’t I take the slowest method of transportation there is”

What exactly was in that needle that Maxie injected Devlin with? Anthrax?? That stuff worked in under 2 seconds. However, I did like the fact that Layla and Pif both recognized Spinelli and wondered where he was going in medical garb with a gurney. So many times, someone in a disguise (usually Luke) just waltzes by under people’s noses, that it was a refreshing change. Loved Maxie’s attempt at deflecting Epiphany with the romance talk and how Miss Pif was having none of it.

I swear, if I hear Patrick, or anyone else, use the term “baby mama” again, I will be forced to throw something at my TV screen. Also, Anna has always been hot, I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time Robin come up against that. Just one more thing for these writers to make Robin worry about.

Sonny/Lulu: Wow, my two least favourite people in a scene together. It would only have been slightly worse if Trevor had shown up. And while I hate mysoginistic Sonny, I did cheer his smackdown of Lulu, but only because it was Lulu.

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Sonny: “You’re just a little girl who’s in over her head and who should shut her mouth and go home.”

Sonny/Kate: Had to fast forward. I just can’t take them anymore. Same goes for Lulu/Johnny on the pier.

Loved the Alexis/Jax scene. And I’m beginning to feel badly for poor Morgan, who’s basically lost his whole family, except for the new nanny.

It bothers me that Claudia can’t defend herself any better than she has. You’d think a mob daughter, who’s been fighting for her life against her own father for most of her life, would have taken a martial arts or other defence class at some point.