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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.28.08


Here's the Scoop!  

Maxie knocked down a level???   Yep!  Remember I mentioned her plans to ruin Lulu?  And then I mentioned those same plans backfire on Maxinista.  Well Maxie's plan may have her in Lulu's chair as assistant number 2!  Maxie and Spinelli's antics with Dr. Devlin may lead to Maxie drugging the devil and stashing him in the morgue!  Spixie Fans!  RUMORS of Maxie develping feelings for Spinelli!  WIll guilt be another emotion the wounded blonde one feels? of... uh...maybe... it might be Claudia taking out the shooter, not Jason. 

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Daddy's back and taking control.  Anthony wants his business back and as we saw last week he has both Trevor and Ric on his team.  Too bad Ric and Trevor are on opposing sides.  Wil it be Team Trevor or Team Ric prevailing?  I don't see Trevor giving up one bit of the power he's built and now that Anthony isn't as crazy as he was, Trevor can't really keep him locked up and out of the way.  Does Trevor have an ace up his sleeve to stop Anthony in his tracks?  Some onliners think Trevor will reveal that Johnny is really a Lansing. 


Is Ian alive or dead?  RUMORS had Dr. Devlin disappearing from the upstate New York town.  Then there were reports that Ian will be dead before he goes.  Now I am seeing that its during Jason's questioning of the evil doctor that he dies.  Does Jason kill him?  It looks like a sniper takes Ian out.  Who's the sniper, Jerry!  

Lulu and Johnny are done...for now.  He may regret his decision when Lulu really does stay away.  Logan's not happy when Lulu doesn't come back to him. 

Lucky's comfort to Elizabeth... may be about Jason, may be Lucky comforting the nurse when she mixes up a patient's medication.  Apparently Elizabeth is a little stressed out and its catching up with the single mom.