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Random Daytime Thoughts

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One Life to Live: On Thursday's episode of One Life to Live Michael McBain walked into the police station and told Antonio, in front of at least three other people, that his daugher is gravely ill. Hasn't this show heard of using an interrogation room like other soaps do to reveal confidential information? Apparently all those good old HIPPA regulations don't apply to the doctors of Llanview. In real life he'd be fined $100,000 or some other outrageous sum.

Days of Our Lives: Is anyone else beyond thankful that Days of Our Live's "trapped in a bedroom" storyline is over? I certainly am. Days of Our Lives must have set some sort of record for the number of different people who can hold a gun on someone else within the same room at multiple times. I almost imagined them doing some sort of I've got the gun duck-duck-goose.

Young & Restless:
So I'm watching the Young and Restless LIVE as I type this up and Lily and Cane are going to get an ultrasound. Lily's quote "does that look like a grain of rice?" I know it has absolutely nothing to do with Lily or the show but considering all the headlines about there being a world wide rice shortage causing riots I couldn't help but find it ironic that one of Genoa City's most spoiled characters is talking about it. Woo hooo! Lily's not pregnant! I knew all those prayers Dru fans sent heavenward could come true.

As the World Turns:
Am I the only one who thinks that Brad's "daughter" seems to be a clone of Maddie? Maddie became so popular it's almost as if they decided to clone the character but bring her back as Brad's daughter instead of Henry's sister.

General Hospital: They must be REALLY scraping the barrel of scripts at General Hospital these days. I was watching Thursday or Friday's episode with Lulu on the docks shouting at Johnny about how she's in love with him and not going to let his being in the mob come between them and for a moment I thought it was Carly standing there shouting at Sonny. Why is it that Lulu has to be written as Carly 2.0? Can't we find a more imaginative way to develop the character? Julie Marie Berman certainly deserves it.

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