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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops 04.29.08

Here's the Scoop!


Scrubs Stuff!  Robin ends things with Patrick.  She'll tell him he can be as involved in their child's life as he would like but them together as a couple, it can't work.  No worries Scrubbies, these two will be bickering into the next millenium.  This "break" should give Patrick the opportunity to show Robin just how ready he is. We have the not so romantic proposal coming, Anna's interference and Luke's advice all coming.  Hopefully, the RUMORS of the new additions (one RUMORED to be a doc with a HIV speciality) will get a more meaty HIV pregnancy storyline.  That's what was promised, wasn't it?  Robin's health scare?  Still RUMORED to be happening. 

Elizabeth may be dishing out some friendly advice to Patrick.  She'll tell Dr. Drake to give Robin some time.  Patrick's afraid he'll lose Robin if he gives her space and decides to fight for his baby momma. ( Sorry, I had to!) Will Jake's birhtday party play into Robin's need for space and Patrick's indecision? RUMORS say Patrick gets a little freaked at the party and Robin tells him he needs to decide what he wants. 

Carly and Elizabeth scene.... Catty as usual? No.  Carly may come to an understanding where Elizabeth is concerned.  Another Sam and Carly scene?  Its SPOILED to be happening and Carly must be on teh nice train because I am seeing that she checks the cattiness with Sam as well. 

If you notice the pic of Robin and Patrick is one of the NightShift Promo shots.  I am once again seeing that General Hospital: Night Shift Season Two is happening.  Is it the same crew?  Not sure.  One person who should be missing, Steve Burton.  

Maxinista's demotion to the second chair... is most likely a temporary assignment.  The missing funds are SPOILED to play a role in this.  Maxie finds out that the cash is missing from Crimson's account.  Kate takes that money to pay off Ian.  Maxie sees this as prime opportunity to get rid of Lulu and blames her for the missing funds.  Kate knows Maxie is lying as she's the one that swiped the cash.  She'll demote Maxie.  Is this the plan that blows up in Maxie's face?

Lucky and Liz, Liason and LuSam... Lucky will come to Elizabeth's assistance after the mess up at GH.  She'll be stressed and tired and Lucky will help with the boys while the single mom takes a break.  Sam is not happy about the time the pair are spending together.  Jason and Elizabeth are RUMORED to have a long talk and decide to continue on in secret.  I know, same old same old.  Still hearing that Liason will be reunited. 

RUMORS surrounding Jason Cook's character.  Still seeing that the onetime Shaun D. Brady is going to play a doctor.  Is he Stephen Lars Webber or the HIV expert?  Could be neither!  The latest RUMORS have him tied to the Zacchara's and more specifically, Domenica Zacchara who is also RUMORED to be coming to Port Chuck. The RUMORS go onto say that Cook's character is connected to a nurse at General Hospital and we may first see him at the facility Michael is being taken to. 

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Summertime and schools out... what does that mean for daytime?  Younger viewers and more screentime for its younger actors.  With Cook joining the cast, look for a summer of Maxie, Spinelli, JC's new character, Logan, Lulu and Johnny.  The mob will still be heavy in Port Chuck but look for the one time teen set to share the screen with Sonny and Company.  Also, expect a little more hospital on General Hospital as they should be propping NightShift. 

Alexis has her suspicions... about Jerry and his involvement in Ian's death.  SPOILERS say she'll ask Jerry if he was involved in the doctor's untimely departure.

Tony Geary has a vaction coming up.  Luke is going on the run.  RUMORS say he'll scam some cash out of the Zacchara's and Luke may be running from ZaCrazy.  

Fanfic or Spoiler?  You be the judge.  Haven't done one of these in awhile and I am calling fanfic on this one but it was too good not to post.  So the RUMOR/SPOILER/FANFIC is that Sonny gifts Robin with a necklace.  What's the significance?  Supposedly this is a necklace that Stone asked Sonny to give to Robin if and when she became a mom. 

A few more...

Are they casting Leyla's mom?  That's a RUMOR out there. 

Sam's storyline?  Where is it?  Remember Kelly Monaco had taken some time off  to spend with her family.  Sam's storyline should be picking up.  There are RUMORS that her pain meds are not working as well as they were.  

The Ian - Kate connection is revealed.  Sonny's not happy, Carly's really not happy. Is that the secret revealed at the Crimson Launch Party?  Is that the only secret revealed? 

Claudia is becoming the make-out bandit.  First RUMORS of her kissing Jason and now Jerry.