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Days Flashback: The King of Mob

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Scribes at Days have toyed with the fact that a mob war in Salem may be brewing. How we have longed for a Victor vs Stefano, Kiriakis against DiMera mob war rocking Salem's foundations. Victor Kiriakis was always cunning, but moreso when he visited his home town in Greece in 1987 for Justin and Adrienne's lavish wedding - on location! This scene highlights Adrienne's excitment in the leadup to arriving in Greece for her wedding, and Justin's joy at having the opportunity to marry the love of his life in his native land. Victor on the other hand is hard to read, wait for the final moment of this video, the music, the location, the wind in the air - it's the Greek king of mob, Victor Kiriakis at he's finest. Brilliant!

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