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Daytime Confidential #233: ABC Smart Woman Syndrome

On today's ABC edition of the Daytime Confidential podcast Jamey from the CBS & DAYS edition joins Belinda and Luke to discuss the latest news about All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live.


Ne-Yo performs for Angie and Jesse's wedding, Erica's behind bars boy band performance and Kendall's guilt on All My Children.

A casting call has went out for the mother of General Hospital's Claudia, portrayed by Sarah Brown and we discuss Jamey's wishful casting for the role. Luke's loving Spixie and we discuss the casting of Jason Cook as a doctor. Sonny's "MP" strikes again.

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We discuss Soap Opera Weekly's interview with One Life to Live Head Writer Ron Carlivati about what he had had planned before the writers strike and how things turned out. Carlo Hesser is returning for the 40th Anniversary and Nash is leaving. Susan Haskell has finally confirmed on her official website the online rumors that have abounded since last fall that she is returning to Llanview. We discuss all this and much, much more.

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