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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I don't know much about lawyers, but can a defense attorney (one employed by the local mob boss, no less), just decide to work for the opposite side? Does that happen? I feel like helping out the DA today, so I will.

I absolutely hate this story that they’ve gotten for Ric. It’s bad enough that I have to sit through Trevor being a pig to his own son, but now Anthony’s pitting them against each other rather than being grateful to Ric for all he’s done. UGH. I just know Ric’s going to get the short end of the stick AGAIN, and I don’t want to have to watch it.

Loved Spinelli showing up all cleaned up and actually introducing himself to Diane who was all, “I know who you are”. Hated the wackiness with him freaking out at the judge, although when Ric stood up to object and Spin sort of made him a weird sign with his hand, I got the distinct feeling that RH was having quite a laugh.

Wardrobe issues: I was glad to see that Kate changed from that pearl top she’s had on, but what she changed into wasn’t much better. Also, why is Lulu wearing a curtain? And also, what on earth is Sam wearing (or not wearing)? Is it August already and someone didn’t tell me.

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What was the point of having Dr Ford yell at Liz about medication orders in front of Sam??

I don’t understand Lucky’s logic of wanting Luke out of town because a mob war is coming. I’m pretty sure Luke can take care of himself. Now, if Lucky wanted a Spencer to leave, he should try to convince the Shrieking one, because I’m sure all of us need a break right about now.

Is Sam’s job with the Haunted Star legit, or is she supposed to be bilking customers out of their money?

Kate/Lulu/Maxie: I’m so over the boss from helll and the constant yelling at both girls. Or maybe I’m just over Kate and Lulu.

Uhm, was it really, really cold on the Windermere stable set or have Nikolas’ nipples always stood out like that and I never noticed. I kept expecting those things to poke poor Nadine in the eyes!!