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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations April 29.08

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Oh look, we have new opening credits and all the dead people are now gone, unless you count Emily, Alan and Micheal. Really, why do a new opening when you’re a week away from finishing up with NL. Won’t they just need to redo it once she’s gone?

I loved Diane’s dress, didn’t love Sam’s and am seriously hating the outfit that Kate has had on for what feels like 3 years now.

I’m liking the Nadine/Nik relationship, I’m just hoping they build it slowly. My only complaint is that Nik, Lucky and Sam were all in the same room and didn’t acknowledge each other’s existence. Not even when Alexis showed up. Who does that? If I’m at an event, and my brother, cousin, aunt show up, I’ll say hey, at the very least. Memo to the writers, it’s not really cast integration if they, you know, don’t integrate.

Loving all the Spixie stuff. She does seem to genuinely like him and appreciate him, which is more than he’s gotten from anyone else.

Hypocrite of the day goes to Lulu. I cannot believe she showed up at the penthouse, puppy dogging after Spinelli, heaping abuse on Maxie about using Spin, when she’s clearly the user. Are the writers aware that they’ve turned her into such a giant biatch? I’m hating Lulu so much, that I’m starting to hate JMB.

Kate’s another one who just needs to stuff it.

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Alexis shutting down the Haunted Star didn’t make a lot of sense to me. She got a tip that there’s money laundering going on, so she shuts the place down. Where would she have gotten a tip like that? Tracy??

Jason/Claudia: I don’t know where they’re going with these two, but I don’t think I want them romantically involved. Claudia did give me the funny line of the day:

Claudia to Jason: “You’re not the most cheerful person I’ve ever met”

The irony of that sentence and the tone that SBr had when she delivered it, like she’s just so confused by Jason, made me laugh out loud.

Stupid moment of the day: Johnny getting the drop on Logan. Isn’t Logan a trained special forces army guy? I love Johnny, but I’m betting in reality, Logan would have kicked his butt, with one hand tied behind his back.

Devlin: Here’s a guy who should be thousands and thousands of miles away, where no one can find him, yet here he is, blackmailing Kate to save Sonny. Uhm, dontcha think that blackmailing Kate would be just one more reason for Sonny to kill you?