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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop!  04.30.08


Anthony tells Ric, Trevor's on the team.  Trevor will sit second chair at Anthony's hearing.  Will Trevor really let Ric be #1?  Most likely not but we'll see today as Anthony's hearing should begin. 

Remember I mentioned a kiss between Jerry and Claudia?  Well its being SPOILED that Alexis sees the pair kiss.

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If Kate is paying Ian off to leave town, why is he still around? It looks like Ian has some more demands for the fashionista and Ian is making threats against Maxie.  For a guy with a target on his back he sure thinks he's the one in control.  

Spixie Fans!  SPOILERS say Maxie plants one on Spin to prove Lulu wrong.
Have TPTB heard the fans for a change?  Maybe, as RUMORS say Maxie and Spinelli will flirt with being more than friends.  Don't forget that Jason Cook's arrival should throw a wrench in the Spixie plans.  As much as I love Maxie and Spinelli, there is no denying the chemistry between Kirsten and Jason. 

Jason and Elizabeth... I mean Johnny and Lulu.  Is it just me or are these two Liason 2.0?  SPOILERS say that Johnny changes his mind, yet again, and decides Lulu will be safer with him than without him. 

Is it double the trouble, double the fun for Robin and Patrick?  The latest SPOILER is that Scrubs finds out they are expecting twins!  What about Jason Thompson and his possible departure?  RUMORS and online rumblings say he is most likely leaving General Hospital.  Kimberly McCullough has also been RUMORED to be leaving the show.  I am now seeing that Kim may stay.  If KMc does indeed stay put, they would have to re-cast the role of Patrick, wouldn't they?  Back to the RUMORS/SPOILERS for Scrubs.  If the twin stuff is false, the big Scrubs news should be an engagement.  I know, I know, Robin turns Patrick down when he says they should get married and she wants her space and blah, blah, blah.  I'm hearing the twist just might be an engagement at the end of sweeps.

Trouble ahead for Carly and Jax.  I've SPOILED already that Jax turns to Kate as a friend to lean on when Carly shuts him out.  Carly wants to take care of Michael herself and will fight everyone about what is best for her son.  In the end, Michael winds up in a facility.  Whether Ingo re-signs with GH or not, he is taking one of his long vacations soon.  There should be a shake-up in the CarJax relationship to facilitate his vacation.