General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.01.08


Claudia lies on the stand but I already told you that.  She'll say she was out on a date, not running from a hitman her father sent after her.  Jason's pissed she lied and helped in getting ZaCrazy released.  Why did she lie?  Claudia tells Jason her lies will help them get the proof they need.  The proof that Anthony put the hit on Sonny that put Michael in a coma.  

Sonny's furious that Diane didn't do her job and Anthony Zacchara is a free man.  He'll blame her relationship with Max for taking her focus away from the task at hand.  Diane fires back and tells Sonny he should be more worried about Jason dating Claudia.  Sonny questions his partner who tells him he did save Claudia's life.  The Godfather wants to know why.  Jason tells Sonny the mafia princess has information about Michael's shooting. 

Once again the internet is flooded with Jaudia RUMORS.  That's the squish name for Jason and Claudia.  SPOILERS of a kiss and a chemistry test for the pair is everywhere.  Any truth to these RUMORS?  Honestly, I'm not sure.  As a Liason Fan, I hope not.  One would assume that Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting has to be revealed and once that happens, there is no way Jason and Claudia could be together romantically.  But will Jason find out?  


What's the story with Liason?  As I've SPOILED before that they do reunite.  After Jason has an emotional visit with Michael, they'll agree to see each other in secret but that reunion may be short lived.  I know Liason Fans, I share in your pain.  RUMORS once again are saying that Sonny will leave the mob and change the dynamic.  Jason stepping into Sonny's shoes is RUMORED to end Jason and Elizabeth.  I for one am hoping these SPOILERS are wrong.  There are some onliners that still insist Jason and Elizabeth will be together. 


Ian grabs Maxie!  He'll hold her and its StoneCold and the Jackal to the rescue.  Ian admits to shooting Michael but is RUMORED to not tell who he is working for.  There are RUMORS that at some point Ian tells Jason that Jerry is the mastermind behind everything.  

A few more... still the push and pull for Lulu and Johnny.  Anthony pays Luke a visit when he is released.  Jerry and Alexis get horizontal.  

I may have more a little later on, stay tuned!