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General Hospital: If They Were Ever Allowed To Go No Holds Barred, Who Would Win, Maxie Or Lulu?

I know a lot of people find catfights on soaps objectionable or sexist, but I can't help it, I LOVE me a good girlfight. It reminds me of the good old days of Dynasty when Krystal Carrington would get a piece of Alexis at least once a season.

In recent years GeneralHospitalhas had some of the best feline rivalries on daytime, Liz vs. Sam, Carly vs. Sam, Carly vs. Liz, Carly vs. Robin. Okay...Carly vs. EVERYONE! My favorite bee youch battle has been the on going Battle of the Blondes between Maxie and Lulu.

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Have you ever noticed that they never actually get to finish duking it out? Usually the way it happens is Maxie pops off at the mouth, then Lulu pops her in the mouth, then they are broken up. I wonder, if these two were ever really allowed to go toe-to-toe, which one would come out on top?