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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was dealing with a very cranky/crabby/gassy baby today and watching in real time, which I don’t like doing, since I can’t fast forward, so my thoughts are rather jumbled and I know there’s bits and pieces that I missed, so bear with me! And while I’m at it, what’s the best medicine for a cranky/crabby/gassy baby? Anyone?

Loved Spinelli’s smackdown of Lulu, although he was much nicer than I would have been. And then she gets all "I don’t want to listen to this", well no kidding, because the truth hurts.

If Claudia’s testimony wasn’t helpful to Alexis’ case, why didn’t she call Johnny to the stand to testify? It was obvious he was pissed at Claudia and would likely have told the truth. Also, how did Alexis find out that Claudia had been in a car accident and that it was likely a hit from daddy? Does that kind of information just become common knowledge?

I’m sorry for all the Nem fans, but I’m so glad Emily is gone. It just dragged out way too long, and actually took away from the impact of the intensity of her death in the first place.

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So, instead of taking his million and high tailing it out of town, Devlin has the nerve to call Kate and tell her that he might continue to blackmail her down the road if he sees fit. And she just accepts it. Ok, I get that she doesn’t want Sonny to get in trouble, but why not tell Jason about Devlin and let him take care of it?

Loved, loved, loved Max’ smackdown to Sonny about butting out of his private life, considering all the bullets he’s taken for Sonny over the years. Max rocked!!