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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops


Here are some pictures of some upcoming scenes.  Did they re-cast Spencer, again?

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Now Here's the Scoop!  05.02.08

Unfortunately, there's not much.  RUMORS there has been a lockdown on information.  Actors and Actresses have been told to watch what they spill at Fan Events.  Even the SPOILER pics have been slow in showing up and for awhile there, new pics were popping up all the time.  Tina and I were loving it!  Is the silence golden?  I'm not so sure as the silence means it's hard to come by reliable information.  

The Zacchara's... Johnny is looking for a way to stick it to dad and Anthony, well Anthony is making plans for Claudia.  

Sonny/Kate/Jax/Carly... Sonny will find out about Kate paying off Ian and he'll feel as if she betrayed him.  Is the payoff the secret that comes out at the Crimson Launch Party?  I'm not 100% sure but it's looking like that's the case as RUMORS say any backstory or secret from Kate's past has now been dropped.  Basically, TPTB want you to forget Kate ever uttered the name Olivia.  Carly gets the results from the tests the specialists did.  Her scene with Elizabeth should be today.  I've told you before Carly decides to care for Michael at home but it's Morgan that has her changing her mind.  Little Morgan is RUMORED to beg Michael to open his eyes. This should be what has Carly finally agreeing to admit Michael to a facility. Jax will be skipping town and this will facilitate Ingo's vacation.  Tina was doing some digging the other day and the latest is that Ingo will re-sign with General Hospital but will take most, if not all of his vacation up front. IF this is true, look for a storyline where Jax goes missing.  

Jerrry and Alexis... Sam warns her mom to steer clear of Jerry Jacks.  Jerry may have Claudia right where he wants her, she needs his help. 

I SPOILED yesterday that Ian grabs Maxie.  The young fashionista gets a text off to Spinelli who comes to Maxie's rescue with Jason's help.  Ian holds a scalpel to Maxie's throat and tells Jason he shot Michael.  RUMORS say the next time we see Ian, it's his dead body.  


Lucky/Sam/Jason/Elizabeth... Lucky will start helping Elizabeth with the boys.  It should reconnect LL2 as friends.  It will make Sam mad and annoyed.  OLD RUMORS had her turning to Ian but now that Dr. Devlin's time in Port Chuck has been cut short, where's a girl to go?  Elizabeth should be making a decision about the men in her son's lives.  Again, OLD RUMORS have had Lucky losing his title as Jake's dad and the truth about Jake coming out and there are NEW RUMORS that Liason has been dropped in favor of Jaudia.  What's a GH fan to believe?  What's a Liason fan to believe?  I'm seeing that Jason and Claudia do share more screentime but do not count Elizabeth out just yet.  She's prepared to fight for Jason.