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Former Passions Exec Producer Lisa de Cazotte To Helm Second Season Of GH: Night Shift?

The message boards are a flutter with rumors that the second installment of SoapNet's hit General Hospital spin off General Hosptial: Night Shift will be helmed by Liza de Cazotte, former executive producer of Passions. Allegedly Jill Farren Phelps, Bob Guza and Co. have been having to work double time to get the mothership back in shape following the mismatched writing during the Writers' Strike, so they don't have time to produce and pen a second chapter of Night Shift.


de Cazotte (formerly Hesser) has been with Passions since its 1999 premiere. According to Wikipedia, she began her soap career as an intern for One Life to Live in 1983, before going on to produce for that soap, as well as Santa Barbara, All My Children and Sunset Beach, before joining James E. Reilly at the helm of the quirky Passions.

  It's no secret that I wasn't a big fan of Passions, but the show definitely knew how to inspire cult loyalty and it entertained the heck out of my grandparents during their last few years on Earth, not to mention my tween and teenage cousins, so for that it always had a soft place in my heart, if not a spot on my DVR.

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I'm just glad to hear (although unofficially) that Night Shift is coming back. I LOVED the first season and didn't get caught up in all the "oh it doesn't match up with GH" business. Anyone who ever watched a spin off show, from Knots Landing, to A Different World, knows it is notoriously hard for two shows to stay on the same page all the time. Plus, I can't imagine having to pen two series at once. Night Shift was sexy, funny, entertaining and had the best music I'd heard on soaps in years (no offense B5), so I can only hope de Cazotte can make Season 2 as enjoyable as the Season 1 was.