General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Brief thoughts today….

Loved the Carly/Liz scene and that Carly actually apologized. Never thought I’d see the day.

Love Anna, but hated the Anna/Robin scene only because Anna spent five seconds with Robin then took off again. The look of disappointment on Robin’s face got to me. She just seems totally alone in this pregnancy when she should have people rejoicing with her.

Sort of loved the Anna/Luke scenes, only because it’s not two characters that we usually see together, even though I hated that Anna was sharing stuff with Luke that she should have been sharing with Robin.

Hate that they make Tracy jealous of every single woman that comes into contact with Luke. Claudia, Sam and now Anna. Calm down girl. He is allowed to have visits and/or business dealings with people of the opposite sex.

Hated all the Zachara stuff and Daddy suddenly being in charge again.

Loved that Max and Diane were making out, just outside the living room door, two seconds after being told they couldn’t.

Hated that Jason finds out about the million dollars but doesn’t go and question Kate about it. Also hate the way Jason treats Spinelli.

Loved that Maxie stowed away in Jason’s car and will totally mess up their little road trip.