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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.05.08

Early RUMORS said Ian may be skipping town, then it was revealed that he dies.  Who shoots him?  Jason!  When Ian has Maxie, Jason gets a shot off that kills the devilish doc.  Ian does say something that only Jason can hear before he expires.  Jason wants to know who Ian was working for when he shot Michael.  Jason is held and questioned regarding the death of Dr. Devlin.  SPOILERS say Maxie tells Mac that Jason saved her and Jason is released. 


Super Jason better get his cape cleaned.  It sounds like he's going to need it a lot!  Not only is he saving Maxie from Ian, RUMORS say he'll be rescuing his favorite damsel in distress Elizabeth.  These RUMORS say he saves Elizabeth from a flat tire in the middle of a rainstorm and the drenched couple head to the Safe House to uh, dry off.  Is this the beginning of their secret love affair round 2 or the end of Liason?  One minute, Liason is safe, the next I see RUMORS that they are ending.  While we may be seeing more Jason and Claudia involved in mobular activities, Jason's heart should still be with Elizabeth.  Together or not, Liason is being SPOILED to have very limited screen time together.  There are RUMORS that suggest another "break" is on the horizon for Liason but it should be short lived as Jake's paternity is about to come out.  Again, I am seeing that Liason will decide they are safer together then they are apart.

What about the LL2 RUMORS?  Well Greg Vaughn shouldn't be on screen that much as he took time off due to his mother-in-law's death.  Some are saying his unexpected departure left a few holes and could be the explanation for two ladies' lack of screentime lately.  Lucky and Jason will both miss Jake's first birthday.  Jason will be at the PCPD being questioned and it looks like Spinelli attends the party to give Stone Cold a report. RUMORS say Lucky will be around more to help Elizabeth with the boys and we may see more of LL2 getting closer.  

Sam? LuSam?  Sam has her new job at the Haunted Star and she'll investigate why her pain meds are not working anymore.  It's not an addiction storyline from what I've been seeing.  Ian may have been messing with Sam's meds.  Will she consult The Jackal, PI to help crack the case?  As for LuSam, I am still hearing that Sam will not be happy with Lucky and Liz spending time together.  RUMORS say Sam's storyline will be more mob focused but not with Jason.  I am guessing her mob related storyline has to do with something she overhears/sees while working at the Star.

Sonny, Kate, Carly, Jax...  Sonny finds out Kate paid off Ian and this should be the end for Skate, for now. There are RUMORS that Sonny and Kate will be back together. Carly does not want her son sent to a facility and makes the decision to bring Michael home to be cared for.  She'll be furious with Sonny when he tells Morgan the truth about Michael's condition.  In the end, Carly tearfully agrees to send Michael to the private facility Jax has found.  Carson reunion?  Not exactly but I am seeing SPOILERS that say Carly and Sonny share a kiss.


Luke skipping town again?  Yep, it's vacation time for Tony Geary.  Tracey will know her husband has left Port Chuck as he will either be on the run from authorities to avoid money laundering charges.  RUMORS have Tracey bailing Luke out and then helping him go on the run. 

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Kate, Lulu and Maxie have their hands full when a rival magazine editor hits town.  

Patrick and Robin get married.  We've gone through RUMORS of a failed proposal, a successful proposal and now a wedding.  

Jason Cook's character... RUMORS say his name is Kyle and he may be connected to the Zacchara's.  Why is this family taking over General Hospital?

FanFic or SPOILER? You be the judge... There are RUMORS of a casting call out for a little boy.  Is that the once again SORAS'd Spencer or another child entirely?  There are some that say Claudia has a child she's kept hidden from daddy.  The RUMORS go on to say that this little boy was adopted to keep him safe from his grandpa and Claudia's secret child may no longer be a secret.  Will Jason help Claudia keep her son with his adoptive family and out of ZaCrazy's grasp?

A little note from me...I know some daytimeconfidential and TFO members are a little frustrated with the lack of reliable spoilers.  I apologize but as I've mentioned recently, there's been a lock down on information.  When that happens, you'll find a lot of people taking advantage and they report false information.  There have also been some storyline changes and re-direction.  Because of this, early rumors, that were most likely correct when they were first reported, have now changed to allow for the change in the story.  One example, Liason's reunion that was supposed to happen in early May.  The change in Ian's storyline and Jason's role in it, pushed back the reunion.  Greg Vaughn's recent absence has slowed down the story involving Sam and the rebuilding of LL2 as friends and parents.  While the return of Finola Hughes has seemed to up the speedometer for Robin and Patrick.  Please be patient and please know, that no spoiler or rumor can be confirmed until it plays out on our screens.