And We Thought James Reilly Had An Imagination!


Our soap bud Nelson Branco has published his "May-tastic Preview" of daytime's May Sweeps for TV Guide Canada and all I can say is OMG. No wait, we're all adults here, OMFG. Nelson mixes the preview with his own, shall we say, "colorful" ideas about what could happen on a soap near you this Spring. Hey, don't laugh, it could happen. Vampires once ran amuck through the corridors of Steve Hardy's sacred hospital you know! A quick word of advice, you might want to cover your mouth if you are reading this at work, or someone will no doubt lean over your cubicle partition to ask you just what the hell is so funny (before swiping a more than generous handful of your desk mints)-and I'm talking about the real spoilers! Read here for more.