General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's some more... 05.06.08


Alexis and Jerry out on a date?  Yep!  She'll get called away and Jerry joins Claudia at the bar.  Jerry tells Claudia that Jason took Ian out.  She'll fear that Jason knows about her involvement but relief is not too far away for the mafia princess.  She'll learn that Ian only uttered "there's more."

I am seeing more confirmation that the sweeps stunt is the storm.  It is said to last over three episodes and only be one night in Port Chuck time. So what's happening the night of the storm?  Elizabeth gets a flat, winds up locked out of her car and Jason comes to her rescue.  They'll take cover from the storm at the safehouse.  Liason fans, cherish these scenes as they may be the last for a while.  There are definitely expressions of love, verbal and possibly physical.  Nikolas saves Claudia from drowning and takes her to Wyndamere where they wait out the storm as well.  As I told you earlier, they discuss crazy daddies and even crazier families.  Claudia is RUMORED to have breakfast with Spencer. 

Lucky may show up and take the boys for the weekend.  It depends on when GV returned to set if those scenes were taped.  

Lulu and Johnny team up to take down ZaCrazy.  She'll tell Johnny about Anthony's threats made towards Luke.  Is that buried alive RUMOR from earlier true?  It may not be and my original speculation that Claudia can not possibly have that many brushes with death looks to be correct.  Sometimes common sense prevails. LOL.