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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.06.08


WOW... so yesterday a lot of you expressed the disinterest in Sonny and Carly reuniting.  SPOILERS have had them mending their strained relationship.  Now I am hearing that Sonny and Carly have sex!  The tryst may happen in Sonny's limo as the pair bring their son to a long care facility to be cared for.  It's not a true reunion for the pairing as the RUMORS go on to say Carly asks Sonny to give up his parental rights and allow Jax to adopt both Michael and Morgan.  Is it the guilt that has Carly asking Sonny to make such a huge sacrifice?  Guilt or not, Sonny will be furious.  Onliners are saying that Michael's last airdate is May 16th.  Look for the Carson sex to happen around then.

General Mobspital... it's been RUMORED to be changing for months now and yesterday's spoiler post had everyone chiming in about the mob.  Well it looks like Sonny will realize that Jason is having a hard time with forgiving Sonny for protecting Kate instead of the son Jason trusted him with.  Is this the begining of the rift for the two business partners?  RUMORS are still saying Sonny steps down and Jason takes over the business.  Some are suggesting that Jason's new role ends his relationship with Elizabeth.  In the past, SPOILERS have said that Jason's new role as boss brings him and Elizabeth together. 

We haven't seen the last of Natalia Livingston.  She'll have one final appearance as Nikolas heads into surgery.  RUMORS say she'll have her engagement ring on and when Nikolas awakens after surgery, he'll have her ring in his hand.  During the surgery, SPOILERS have Patrick alarmed at the size the tumor has grown to and speculating that Nikolas had days to live.  Did Ian's meds have something to do with the tumor growing so much?  


More on Nikolas... at some point he and Claudia are said to share some time together.  Claudia is SPOILED to reveal to Nikolas that she saw her father kill Johnny' s mother.  Nikolas and Claudia are said to share crazy dad stories.  

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Buried Alive?  There are RUMORS that Anthony grabs Claudia and Lulu and buries them alive.  Guess who is RUMORED to save them?  How do Claudia and Nikolas wind up together?  There are other RUMORS that say Nikolas saves Claudia from drowning during the storm and takes her back to Wyndamere.  Isn't that a little too many brushes with death for Claudia Zacchara?  It's possible that the buried alive SCOOP is slightly off.  It may just be Lulu that's buried.  

Is the storm a sweeps event?  It seems like it.  Historically, May Sweeps has not been as explosive as November and February.  With Guza missing out on February, there was speculation/hope that he'd produce a great May Sweeps.  So far, nothing is happening and the only big event coming up is the Crimson Launch party.  There may be something up Guza's sleeve, if one of these wedding RUMORS come true.

I told you Luke will be skipping town and on the run from the law.  What about his wife?  With Tony Geary off-screen and on vacation, will we see the wonderful Jane Elliot?  SPOILERS say yes as Tracey will be running the Haunted Star.  There are also RUMORS of some Tracey-Monica time when Monica is released from rehab. 

Robin and Patrick... still seeing that a proposal is coming towards the end of May.  Also those wedding RUMORS, still out there. 

Ric's business proposal to Claudia?  He'll make sure she's involved in the family business if she has his back.  

Spinelli the photographer?  He'll try to snap a shot of the birthday boy.  Lulu catches him trying to get a picture of Jake at his birthday party.  Lulu tells him to stop, Lucky is Jake's father, not Jason.

Fanfic or SPOILER? You be the judge...  So I SPOILED the possible car sex for Carson.  We've talked about Jax and Kate finding themselves on the outside looking in.  There are some RUMORS that suggest Kate and Jax lock lips.  There are also some rumblings that Jax and Kate actually sleep together, off-screen or in a FTB (fade to black) scene.  These RUMORS go on to say that after Carly sleeps with Sonny, she tells her hubby the truth.  Does he also fess up?  Remember Jax leaves PC and there are more RUMORS that have Jax returning when he finds out Kate is pregnant.  Legit SPOILER or just Fanfic?