Nelson Branco Interviews Bold and the Beautiful's William de Vry for Hello! Canada


Our pal Nelson Branco recently interviewed Bold and the Beautiful's William de Vry, who as Logan big brother Storm, made one of the most shocking exits in daytime history last week, when Storm killed himself so that his heart could be used to save his dying sister. Nelson spoke briefly with de Vry about how he stays in soap hunk shape, if he misses his native Montreal and what it was like playing the son of Bobby Ewing. Read for yourself below:

It’s a pivotal year for Montreal-born actor William DeVry. Not only did he turn 40 in April, but he also found himself at the epicenter of a dramatic and controversial storyline on the world’s most-watched soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, when his character, Storm Logan, committed suicide. (In true soap opera fashion, though, William is expected to return as Storm’s spirit.)

The L.A. resident, who was on All My Children before joining B&B in 2006, comes from a historic Canadian family. His great-grandfather Herman DeVry founded what’s now known as DeVryUniversity. And his grandmother held 26 world records in track and field.

“I began playing sports right out of the womb!” he tells Hello! Canada.

Nelson Branco: When you were growing up, you dreamed of becoming a baseball player – how did you get into acting?

William de Vry:After I moved to Florida at 19 to study business, I was invited to try out for the state league, but at the same time, a buddy asked me to take an acting class with him in Orlando. One thing led to another and an agent approached me. After booking my first audition, I was off to Hollywood. It was a happy accident. My father didn’t encourage me to get into sports or acting; he would have preferred me to enter the legal or medical worlds. I’m an only child. But he was happy with my choices, especially when I began making money! [Laughs.] My mother was very happy that I decided to become an actor because she’s always been involved in the art world.

NB: Being an athlete, do you feel compelled to follow a strict workout regimen?

WD: Yes, thanks to my family’s influence, I’ve never taken a day off in my life from working out. It’s just common sense and diet. You know once you get those love handles, it’s hard to work off. However, I do have to give props to my genes.

NB:How often do you return to Montreal? You must miss it.

WD: When you have Quebec blood running through your veins, you tend to miss the food, nightlife and culture of Montreal. I miss it a lot – especially my friends. I wouldn’t mind living there part-time someday. It’d be great to land a TV series there, for sure. I usually return twice a year and I’ll be there in July. I still subscribe to the NHL TV package, so I feel like I have never left Canada. [Laughs.]

NB: Patrick Duffy plays your father, Stephen, on The Bold and the Beautiful – what’s it like working with the Dallasalum?

WD: He’s great! I’ve been a fan of his for a while. I love everyone I’ve worked with on the show. B&B has one of the most talented casts in daytime television.