One Life to Live: The Return Of Love And Cramer Women In The Afternoon


Praise the lord and pass the remote! One Life to Live is officially going back on my DVR list! I just finished watching Monday's episode on SoapNet and well, it's hard to type because I am still caught up in the afterglow. Ron Carlivati is back and One Life is suddenly supercouple central! Liquid hot Jared and Natalie, Antonio and Talia and (gasp!) Cole and Starr were all romantic, endearing and believable.

Is this Daytime 1985? Not that the episode was a total lovefest. The Cramer women returned in full force as both Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and her Auntie Dearest Dorian (Robin Strasser) showed how a TRUE diva tears it  UP in a scene without chewing nary a piece of scenery (Can they teach a class to certain actors and actresses at CBS?). Okay, more on OLTL later, it's time to tape a podcast! But for now, jolly good show!