Why Anne Heche Won't Be Out Of A Job Long

You Tube is so addictive. After looking at clip after clip of the late great Beverlee McKinsey's work, I decided to look up another one of my favorite blonde P&G powerhouses, Anne Heche, whose ABC series Men In Trees has been canceled.

Heche was the second actress to portray Another World's wonder twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love, and although I loved all three actresses who held the parts, Heche is by far my favorite. In fact as I mentioned in the earlier post, she is my favorite daytime actress, period. I went in mourning after she left the show in 91 and it took her replacement Jensen Buchanan a good year before she won me over and boy did she ever (Will someone get Jensen back to daytime already?) but Anne will always be "my" Vicky and Marley.

The "Who Shot Jake" storyline is right up there with the culmination of "Is Gina Hope?" on Days of Our Lives as my all time favorite storylines ever. This clip shows Heche's Vicky at her ferocious best, attacking her mother Donna (Luke's best girl Anna Stuart, ex-Mary, All My Children) after learning she had cheated on Vicky and Marley's father Michael with Jake McKinnon, the bad boy who had already made a sport of bedding both twins. Long before the Logans and Forresters over at Bold and the Beautiful, Donna and her daughters put the diss in dysfunctional and this clip proves it.