General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


A couple of thoughts from yesterday’s episode before I move on to today….

I was shocked to see Jason (and Spinelli) leave Maxie out at a lone bus stop in the middle of the night. Maxie was silly to hide in the car, but she doesn’t deserve that. If Devlin hurts her it’s all on their shoulders.

When did Carly have time to order all the medical stuff that’s in Micheal’s room? Why does she think long term care means that they’ve given up on Micheal waking up?

What was up with that Claudia/Kate conversation? In a way I agreed that Carly doesn’t want to see Kate at her son’s bedside, but on the other hand, why was Claudia being so possessive? Crazy much??

Why is Anna obsessed about Scrubs getting married? In this day and age, considering that she’s not your stereotypical mother, what is up with that?

Now, just a couple of thoughts for today….

Why didn’t Devlin give up Jerry or Claudia, considering he was about to die? Why protect them?

Wasn’t happy about Patrick going to Luke for fatherly advice, considering how Luke now feels about parenting. It would have been one of those scenes that might have been nice, had it been Patrick and Noah. Having said that TG and JT were very good in the scene.

Hate when I have to admit this, but I’ve been impressed with Sonny/MB for the past few episodes. I like the fact that he and Jax are getting along, although I do wonder if it has more to do with going against Carly then actually going along with Jax.

Loved the fact that Maxie actually got herself away from Devlin pretty much on her own and that Jason shot him only after Maxie had gotten herself extricated. Having said that, why would the PCPD show up to arrest Jason? Hadn’t JaSpin already driven into Canada (hence all the talk about not hitting all those moose that we have running around on our streets up here <eye roll>) and the bus stop was somewhere far outside of Mac’s jusridiction.