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General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops

Here's the Scoop! 05.07.08

Claudia is relieved that Ian didn't label her as the one behind the shooting but that doesn't mean Jason's not on to her.  The promo that showed Jason waiting for Claudia, it's Jason telling Claudia he doesn't believe she had nothing to do with the shooting.   Claudia will still try to pin the shooting on her father.  This scene should be the tag for tomorrow as Jason will spend most of today at the PCPD until Maxie gets him released. 


More on Claudia... she'll be spending the night at Wyndamere the night of the storm.  Nik offers her Emily's clothes to change into.  Is this a chem test for Claudia and Nikolas?  I sure hope not.  SPOILERS say when Nikolas heads out during the storm he thinks he is seeing Emily.

Alexis tells Jerry she knows he was working with Ian.  Jerry gives himself away when Alexis spies him lingering around the PCPD while Jason is being questioned.  Jerry comes up with some story about only talking to Dr. Devlin about Nikolas.  RUMORS say the pair lock lips once again and don't forget, Alexis sees Jerry kissing Claudia.  SPOILERS say that the madam DA will start investigating Michael's shooting herself.  What happens when the clues keep leading her in Jerry's direction? 


According to Ric, he's changed.  He no longer wants revenge on his brother, he just wants to annihilate Trevor. 

More Scrubs drama... Patrick once again hits Jake's after he hears Robin say she wants to be married but not if Patrick doesn't want to get married.  I honestly like Robin and Patrick as a couple but I want one couple on this show to just be happy.  I am over this push and pull for every single pairing.  Patrick overhears this while Robin and Liz are engaged in a little girl talk.  The RUMORED wedding?  Well it appears that it's not happening this month but Robin just might make a beautiful June bride. 

First Patrick is seeking advice from Luke and Coleman now SPOILERS say he'll be dishing out advice to Spinelli.   Female advice.  He may take that advice a little too far as the SPOILERS go on to say that the Jackal mistakenly hits on a call girl. 

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RUMORS of a Jax and Kate kiss that could be more.  It looks like we'll see the kiss and then the fade to black (FTB).  The SPOILERS go on to say that Jax returns home the next morning and tells Carly he slept at the hotel for the night.  Do Jax and Kate sleep together?  The latest is that they do not sleep together so that means no Jax and Kate baby. 

IF Lulu is grabbed by Anthony, why is she taken?  Little Miss Spencer is caught eavesdropping.  Does everyone eavesdrop on this show? Lulu teaming up with Johnny, that may be the pair "pretending" to be a couple to piss off Anthony.  Pretending, yeah, ok. 

Sam fans... she makes her debut as an employee of the Haunted Star soon.  Possibly next week.  With Luke skipping town and RUMORS that Tracy will be running the casino, will that make Tracey, Sam's boss?


Lucky is spending more time with the boys.  While Elizabeth is off getting rescued and uh, dried off, by Jason, Lucky will be taking care of the kids.  We may not actually see that on screen.  What we should be seeing is Lucky stopping off at GH, talking with Liz and picking up the kids.  At some point, Lucky will be spending time at Liz's house with the boys.  Will Lucky finally adopt Cameron?  

Conflict with Jason and Sonny?  I already mentioned the rift that will be starting when Sonny confronts Jason.  He'll tell his enforcer that he knows Jason blames him for Michael's condition.  Jason tells Sonny that he's not the only one that's to blame.  Jason will visit his nephew and in a nod to history, RUMORS say he'll leave the travel book about Africa behind.  


For months now there have been RUMORS about a change in the mob dynamics.  Now I am seeing some RUMORS that say Sonny will leave the mob so that Carly does not push for Jax to adopt the boys.  Is another breakdown ahead for the Godfather?