Daytime Confidential #238: CBS & Days Playing Executive Producer


On today's super-sized CBS & Days edition of Daytime Confidential we're playing executive producer with Guiding Light and discussing what we'd do to get the show turned around within six months. Harley and Cyrus relationship and finances are a hot topic and we discuss Guiding Light's audio quality improvements and how the show needs "little moments" to get viewers to tune back in.


Just week's after being interviewed by Daytime Confidential Brandon Beemer has signed on to the Bold & Beautiful and we discuss what type of character we'd like to see him portray. Is there a correlation with the lack of Stephanie and the show's ratings sinking? We discuss the possibility.

Michael Damian is returning to the Young & Restless for another visit and we discuss how the show seems to be going nowhere fast. Victoria vs. Adam, is this rivalry worth the hype?

As the World Turns' Brad Snyder found out he's a father and is a bit insecure while we're finally starting to see Katie mature. We're loving Emily and Casey and wonder if they could end up being a couple. If so does this play on the show's history?

It is being reported that Joe Moscolo has been fired by Days of Our Lives and we're discussing what impact this news might have on the show's ratings. Have the writers written Chelsea into a corner by making her barren? What does this mean for the long term viability of the character? Robo John testified about EJ and Sami's relationship and reveals that there might be more to their relationship than either realizes.

In case that isn't enough for you in this super-sized episode there is a comical discussion about this year's Emmy Nominations.

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