General Hospital: Hey Alexis, Hypocrisy Much?


So Alexis is standing there today preaching to Jason (Steve Burton) about how he doesn't have the right to avenge Michael because he can't take the law into his own hands when Lady Law herself killed Luis Alcazar for causing the death of her sister Kristina and leaving her in labor with Kristina the Sequel.

Lexie also plotted with Luke to kill Bad Granny at Wyndemere and stole Cassadine cash to pay Durant off to set up Sonny in order to keep him away from Kristina Part Deux. This is my problem with all the talk of how the mobsters don't pay on GH.

The "good guys" in Port Chuck can be just as ruthless, amoral and above the law when their purposes suit it. Though I have to give kudos to the brilliant Nancy Lee Grahn (one of my favorite actresses) who managed to say those hypocritical, history-disregarding lines about law and order with the utmost of believability. I need to have her teach me how to feign appreciation for those whole wheat pancakes my health nut co-worker sometimes "surprises" the office with for breakfast. Oh and a quick shout out to the ferocious mama lion that is Laura Wright who each and every day is proving that she IS Carly Corinthos Jacks.