Only GH could inspire two posts in one night. Why the hell were the Spencers having a baby party in Michael's Not-So-Memorial Park while one of their own was having his cranium sawed into at General Hospital? What if Patrick had nicked a noble blood vessel causing Nik to require a transfusion? Lulu, his closest kin was at the park stuffing her face with B-day cake, which would no doubt spike her blood sugar and eff up her chances of helping her brother. Okay, so I don't know if that is medically accurate, but who cares? I'm not consulting for House here, I'm blogging!

Who would have signed off on a potential risky procedure, Emily the Friendly Ghost? Come on people you can't have Lulu, Bobbie and Liz goofing around in the park while Laura's kid is having BRAIN SURGERY! And another thing, if they just had to have this party, where was the Cassa-tot? Not to mention little Kristina and whatshername?  Jake's first words oughta be "My party sucked Mama!" Johnny and Lulu's red hot chemistry definitely helped make it all better I must admit.