General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Was Jake’s party the saddest thing you’ve ever seen, or was it just me? It really just emphasized how few people Liz has in her life. There’s the birthday boy’s brother, “aunt” Lulu, great “aunt” Bobbie and a friend/co-worker of mommy’s. Yikes that’s just sad. They couldn’t have waited til GV was back from vacation or shoot something ahead of time with Lucky? Luke couldn’t have dropped by for five seconds? Nik had to have surgery today?

And speaking of Nik, first off, I thought Nem was done the other day, why did we have to sit through them again? Also, could Lulu have looked like she cared less when Patrick showed up with info about Nik.

Memo to Mac, stop yelling at Spinelli, there’s enough people in this town who do that. Also, Jason’s the one who left Maxie alone at a bus stop in the middle of the night.

Man, did I feel bad for young Morgan today. Carly totally handled that all wrong. But kudos to the kid who plays him. I wonder if the actor even understands what he’s supposed to be playing.

Why does Carly think she can take care of Micheal all on her own? Why haven’t they hired nurses and/or physical therapists to help out? And if that scenario were real, Carly would totally burn out and lose it, in a handful of months.

If Claudia hates daddy so much, why not have him killed?

I liked Alexis interrogating Jerry, but why do I get the feeling that tomorrow, they’ll be back to playing tonsil hockey like nothing was amiss.