General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


If Claudia’s able to hire a hitman, why can’t she manufacture evidence that makes it look like dear old dad was behind the hit? Jason’s telling her he needs evidence and she’s all “eh, I don’t know”. Get Jerry’s help and put something together, for crying out loud.

And speaking of Claudia, am I the only one who noticed that she doesn’t play the sex kitten when she’s with Ric. And he’s totally the one she should be drooling over!!

Love the bullcrap Jerry was feeding Alexis. “Oh I was in a dark place, but with my brother’s love, I’m all rehabilitated”. Puhleeze. I hope she truly isn’t buying his crap but is going along with it to get information. Also, Alexis honey, you’re nephew just had brain surgery, do you think maybe you can stop by and check that he’s still alive. M’kay.

Loved the Luke/Nik scene. The conversation was dead on as was the acting. Nice to see how their relationship has improved.

Interesting that Kate was feeling for Carly. I guess what Claudia said to her the other day had an impact.

As much as I wasn’t happy with how Carly handled Morgan yesterday, the way Sonny handled it was ten times worse. Poor Morgan probably ran screaming from the room.

Loved the Jason/Carly scene. How he put the blame squarely on both their shoulders and clearly told her that Morgan can’t be expected to grow up in a house with a comatose brother in one room and a guilt stricken mother in the next. Although I still have a hard time understanding why Carly feels putting Micheal in a facility means that she’s giving up on him. All she has to do is decorate his room exactly as it is at home and he’s good to go.