General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops


Here's the Scoop! 05.08.08

Liason... There was a RUMOR posted that said Elizabeth is called a "doxy" in the press. Now, my vocabulary isn't all that extensive so I looked up the word Doxy which basically means mistress, a female lover. At first glance, I didn't think much of it. It got me thinking though, if this is a true SPOILER, why would Elizabeth be called a mistress in the press? It could only mean that she and Jason are outed, right? There was another RUMOR a few days ago that said Jason would be arrested and when he is, Elizabeth is with him. Please take this all with a very HUGE grain of salt but I am seeing RUMORS that Jason is arrested for a crime he did not commit and at the time of the supposed crime, he was with Elizabeth. Keep your eyes peeled the days Elizabeth and Jason are holed up at the Safehouse. If there is a crime committed that could be pinned on Jason, this one might be true. 

Now, this particular RUMOR goes on to say that Jake's paternity is still kept a secret even though Liason is no longer under wraps. Seems silly not to claim your kid if you're already putting him in danger by sleeping with his mommy.  On another note but same topic, a fanfic got me thinking. Anthony obviously remembers things from the night of the Black & White Ball. What's stopping him from remembering Jason and Elizabeth up on that turret together? 


I mentioned that I thought Claudia was having a few too many brushes with death and that the buried alive RUMOR seemed to not be true. Apparently I spoke or typed too soon. At least if these RUMORS are true I did. Claudia has been spoiled to drown and need saving from Nikolas. Is she shot as well? RUMORS say yes but it's not clear if it happens at the time of the storm/drowning or another time all together. What I do know is if these latest SPOILERS are true, Jason will be the #1 suspect but Jason has an alibi. He was with Elizabeth. Now, when Claudia stays at Wyndamere she and Nikolas get a little personal and talk about their families. Claudia is SUPPOSED to tell Nikolas that her father tried to kill her. There's more out there that says Lucky is pretty ticked when he finds out about Jason and Elizabeth. Time will tell....here's to hoping they speed it up! 

Now, there are even more RUMORS about Liason and the timing of Claudia getting shot.  I know, I know, my Liason bias is showing but hey, it's my blog!  LOL!  Back on track... so it looks like the drowning and the shooting are two separate events with Claudia being taken to General Hospital after she is shot.  If it's not the night of the storm, how is Elizabeth Jason's alibi?  Well it looks like Liason fans are getting another scene!  SPOILERS say Elizabeth is with Jason at his penthouse when Claudia is shot.  If it's not Jason, who shoots Claudia?  It's not her dad either.  Any guesses?

Robin is RUMORED to start blogging!  She'll start dishing on her pregnancy.  Maybe Luke (our Luke, not Spencer) can give her some tips!  

I mentioned yesterday that Lulu and Johnny fake a relationship.  I figured it wouldn't be all that fake and it looks like I was right.  Jolu's fake relationship turns real and SPOILERS have Johnny professing his love for Lulu.  How do Johnny and Lulu wind up back together in the first place?  Zacrazy changes his mind and thinks Lulu calms his kid down.  He'll have Lu grabbed and brought to him.  Anthony tells her to reunite with his son or her father dies.


Sonny, Carly, Jax and Kate... those RUMORS of the partner swap are still out there.  While Sonny and Carly are still SPOILED to get friendly in the limo, Kate and Jax are RUMORED to only kiss.  As I mentioned yesterday, the fans will not know for sure what really happened after the kiss but Early RUMORS of Kate getting pregnant seem to be false, for now.  From what I've seen, Ingo is already done filming and on vacation.  I am still seeing RUMORS that Sonny leaves his role as the head of the Corinthos-Morgan Organization.  He'll propose this to Carly in order to get her to drop her request of Jax adopting the boys.  

How will Sonny leaving the mob affect Jason?  We've talked about the RUMORS that he takes over and that either strains his relationship with Elizabeth or it brings them closer together.  Leaving organized crime behind is not going to be easy for Sonny and RUMORS say Carly will be struggling especially with her husband gone.  She should turn to Jason and lean on him big time.  Will this hurt Liason?  

Annoyed with Nikolas' surgery?  No one from his family seemed to care he got his head sliced open.  Wasn't that the fastest brain surgery ever?  It looks like Luke offers Laura's son some needed guidance when Nikolas asks how to go on without the woman you love.  Fan of Nadine?  Well the Nikolas - Nadine pairing may not be happening after all.  They'll continue to share screen time but these two may be nothing more than friends.