General Hospital Spoilers: The End of Sonny & Kate?


The Jackal traces the One Million Dollar payoff right back to the Fashionista and Stonecold has questions.  Sonny finds out about Kate paying off the man who shot his son and once again feels as if the woman he loves has betrayed him.  We all know what betrayal means in Sonny Corinthos' world.  Jax becomes her confidante as both feel they are on the outside looking in on the tragedy that is happening to the people they love.  Kate even goes as far as traveling to the facility Michael has been checked in to.  Mike (yay a Mike scene!) urges Kate to try and get through to Sonny.  When she arrives she'll overhear Sonny's apology to his son.  He's sorry he protected Kate and not Michael.  Kate realizes Sonny needs his space.  Enter Jax who has a proposal for the Magazine Editor.  Is this when the pair kiss?

Robin's pregnancy blog will be available on abc.com.  The blogs should be up some time next week.  Cute idea however, I'd appreciate more time being focused to writing this show. 

New and Improved Ric?  According to RUMORS he's a changed man and ready to prove that to Alexis.  I mentioned his revenge has shifted from Sonny to Trevor.  That's not much of a change, Ric.

ZaCrazy's plotting.  That can't be good for his children.  It's not Anthony or Trevor that takes the shot at Claudia.  It's Jerry!  Didn't he say he was a highly proficient killer? Apparently not so Jerry, you hit the target but failed to complete the mission. 

Liason... reunion in the rain!  He'll save her as usual and at some point Elizabeth may get to save him back.  Jason is RUMORED to finally break down.