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OMFG Gossip Girl Gets Supersized 2008-09 Season


E! Online
is reporting that, although unconfirmed, Gossip Girl is expected to get a 24-episode order next season. Additionally Michelle Trachtenburg (ex-Lily, All My Children) is rumored ot be coming back full-time. I guess she's this generation's Heather Locklear. Heather's Amanda was only meant to be a short term role on Melrose Place, but she was given a fat contract, complete with special billing, after her first few episodes caused ratings to spike. Unlike Melrose Place however, Gossip Girl's high profile guest stars and multi-million dollar viral campaign haven't done much to boost ratings. Lucky for the teen soap and its cast of talented, including several daytime grads (Kelly Rutherford, Generations; Margaret Colin, As The World Turns; Connor Paolo, One Life to Live)  the struggling CW has time to be patient.

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