Where (oh, where) is Danny Wolek?


Last seen in 1991 as played by Michael Palance (seen here playing Robert opposite Ilene Kristen as Delia on Ryan's Hope, 1988. Picture courtesy of Ryan's Bar Online) Daniel Lord Wolek is the son of Dr. Larry Wolek and Viki's long dead baby sister Meredith. With the return of many fan favorite actors to the roles that they made famous on One Life to Live such as Tina Lord, Marty Saybrooke and Carlo Hesser I was wondering why on earth they wouldn't consider reprising the role of this core family member.


Danny, like his father was a doctor. He dated Brenda McGillis who also dated his father (snatch-a-loup alert). There is very little online about this underused character who was born in 1972 but it seems like to me that the next time they find themselves in need of a new face on the canvas it would be JUST as easy to bring back this one as to write a new, completely disconnected character.

The advantages to bringing on a character with ties to two core families as opposed to yet another person with no core connections are many. When they tie a new face in to the history of the show it gives the fans an immediate connection to them and fan loyalty is "built in". Then unless the character is completely miscast (as was the problem with GH when they "brought back" core family son Steven Lars Webber a few years back) the viewers can immediately identify with the persons unique historical significance on the show. 

He would be in his mid to late 30's and would have been a doctor at one point but could literally be written in any way. With my luck they would bring him back as a terrorist and he would murder Clint Buchanon in cold blood and THEN they will try to pair him with Lindsay and force it on us, but I have to dream the good dreams anyway!