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Young and the Restless: Nikki and David Set A Date; I Set Snooze Button


And the bride wore boredom. One of the 15 Most Boring Couples on Young and the Restless right now, Nikki and David decided to jump the broom in the near future on today's episode. Man do Melody Thomas Scott and Vincent Irizarry deserve better than this. These otherwise fabulous soap superstars have zero chemistry together and its painful to see TPTB try to force something that clearly isn't there.

It's almost as bad as when Marcy Walker's Tangie was paired with Robert Newman's Josh on Guiding Light, or when Kim Zimmer's Jodie was paired with A Martinez's Cruz on Santa Barbara. I am sure someone thought it you took one half of Cruz and Eden and paired it with one half of Josh and Reva it would create the supercouple to end all supercouples, but all it did was temporarily end my my viewership of both of those shows. The same mixed up logic is obviously being applied with Nikki and David.

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It was a smart move for CBS to snap up Irizarry after he was so unceremoniously dumped by ABC's All My Children, but he has stuck out like a sore thumb on Y&R since day one. First he was in town to seek revenge on Dru for supposedly killing his beloved mistress (Is there really such a thing?) Carmen. Then that story went the way of Nick's plane crash, Summer's paternity and where in the world is Zapato?

Then all of the sudden he's a slick campaign manager putting Nikki's pole twisting days on the web for download. I guess that turned Nikki on, because she started screwing him! David served a purpose as long as he fueled Victor's wrath at Nikki, but now that the Newmans have gone their separate, boring ways, it's time for a shake up. Why not have Jill go after David? I know, I know, she's still grieving over the love of her life Ji Minh (eye roll) but something tells me Ms. Abbott can find it in her to love again, or at the very least rip off David's clothes on top of Katherine's desk!

The only couple in Genoa City more boring than Nikki and David is Victor and Sabrina. How I long for the days when Nikki was with Jack and Victor with Jack's sister Ashley, yet both couples were forever intertwined by the brilliance of the late Bill Bell. Y&R has got to figure out how to once again realize chemistry and write to it and fast.  I am enjoying the show's gradual refocusing on the glitz and glamour of the cosmetics world (Even if I am still forced to sit through mentions of that dreaded reliquary book!), but with basically no couples to root for, it's like eating cotton candy, it tastes sweet at first, then your belly starts to hurt, you get a sugar headache and on top of it all you're still hungry.