General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Is it just me or are things very slow around Port Charles these days? I know I shouldn’t expect, edge of your seat, cliffhanging excitement all the time, but considering it was a Friday, there really was nothing that would keep a person atwitter until Monday.

Does Micheal still need the bandaid on his head? The surgery was weeks ago, and considering all the people that have had brain surgery on this show, who’s bandaids were gone almost right away, I would think they’d be able to remove it by now. Unless they’re keeping it on there in case the audience is so stupid as to forget why he’s lying in bed not moving.

Where’s Maxie? I miss her. And what happened with that Claudia/Ric scene from yesterday? Sounded intriguing but it went nowhere. Loved the Max/Diane shenanigans, but I was glad to see them get serious when they were talking about Micheal, because at that point, I did feel that it was inappropriate for them to be making out in Sonny’s living room.

Were only on day two, but I’m already tired of Daddy Crazy kicking Claudia out of the room when he wants to talk business. Yeah, she’s a wimmin and wimmin don’t do business, I get it.

Speaking of Crazy Daddy, interesting scene with Lulu. The girl was actually speechless for a minute. But I was really hoping she’d have half a brain and go straight to Luke and warn him. Instead she just shows up to Johnny and plays ditzy. Silly girl. Also, does that mean Kate’s still waiting for her cup of coffee?!!

Speaking of Kate, that girl’s got a whisky glass and a “you betrayed me” headed her way. Told her she should have gone to Jason in the first place, but did she listen to me?!!

And speaking of Sonny, maybe it’s my hatred for him, but his tears do nothing for me. I don’t like Jason or Carly, but their grief works for me. Just feels like MB’s trying too hard or something.

Interesting Jason/Sonny scene. Could have cut the tension with a knife there. Looks like the happy couple is on their way to divorce court!!

CarJax: I appreciate all the work LW is putting into this storyline and for the most part, she gets kudos from me, because she’s made me invested in Carly for the first time since the kidnapping story, but at the same time, I am getting a wee bit tired of the histrionics. But again, that’s just me! Plus, I keep thinking LW must go home at the end of the day, absolutely exhausted.